Key Details

  • Status Operational
  • Availability Commercial Research Student project
  • Facility Layout Rectangular
  • Facility Width (meters)30
  • Facility Length (meters)20
  • Facility Height (meters)3
  • Maximum Water Depth (meters)6
  • Maximum Wind Velocity (meters per second)2
  • Minimum Wave Period (second)2.5
  • Maximum Wave Height (meters)0.4
  • Wave Maker Directional Waves Short Crested Waves
  • Types Snake Snake
  • Measurements Water Surface Elevation Measurement Current Velocity Measurement Wind Velocity Measurement Pressure Measurement Force Measurement Optical Tracking Measurement

Listing Description

The DHI deep water ocean basin with an overall water depth of 3m with a pit of 12m is capable of producing regular and irregular waves as both long and short crested (directional spreading) waves. Focused wave groups can be generated for breaking wave impact testing. 


The basin is equipped with a wind generator with a maximum wind speed of about 2m/s for testing floating wind turbine foundations with correct wind forcing.


The facility is used for consultancy and research activities for e.g. floating wind, oil and gas such as FSRU and platform installation tests, wave energy converters, offshore mooring mooring studies.    

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