Suggest category

Suggest a new category!

We are very open to adding new categories if you have a test facility that does not fit within the existing ones. Based on how we have made the existing categories we can only make them in close collaboration with a specialist in that category, this will usually be the owner of a test facility in the category.


You are welcome to use the guide and excelsheet to suggest the category by yourself. You can also email,then we will contact you and fill out the excel sheet together.


It is helpful to keep in mind that the purpose of having the categories and the filters in them is to make it easy for potential users to filter out test facilities that are not relevant for them. If you know there are hundreds of test facilities in northern Europe in the category you suggest, more filters are needed. If you know there is only three only a few filters are needed.


When suggesting a new category, remember that the test possibilities you suggest and the minimum and maximum numbers for them should work for all test facilities in your category. E.g. if you have a climate chamber and the climate test category does not yet exist. Your climate chamber might be able to go to -20 degrees, but if you know some climate chambers can go to -40, then suggest -50 for the category. Or your climate chamber only measures temperature, but you know some others can also measure humidity, then add both to the category.


When the excel sheet has been filled out we will add the category to the website and send it to you for verification.