About testfacilities.eu

Test Facilities – Access for SME's

We want to increase innovation and utilization of test facilities by helping companies find the test facilities they need. If you have a test facility upload yours to help other find you.

Testfacilities.eu is a user-friendly web-based marketplace allowing companies to browse a full directory of international testfacilities for the offshore wind industry. In other words we want to make it as easy to find the test facility that you need to test your product, as it is to find an apartment with Airbnb. The key features are:

  • Easy access to unique testfacilities; e.g. a sound dead wind tunnel with wind speeds above 100 m/s or a climate chamber larger than 7*7*7 meters.
  • Easy shortlisting of common Testfacilities, e.g. vertical pull tests in a given area that can handle objects of 1*2*5 meters, with pull load above 600 ton, who are third party certified.


The aim of the website is to help users shortlist the test facilities that are relevant for the testing you need. For this you can use the filters developed specifically for each category. On each listed test facility their contact details can be found. It will always be necessary to contact the test facility directly, Testfacilities.eu does not contain commercial information and is not involved in any commercial activities.


Research has shown that lack of knowledge and heavy costs are the two main barriers when companies seek to test innovation for offshore wind. Testfacilities.eu will solve two issues: Increase the knowledge of accessible test facilities and lowering the costs for both the test owners and users.

Testfacilities.eu is made as part of the Inn2POWER, read more about it here

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