Key Details

  • Status Under Construction
  • Availability Commercial
  • Facility Layout Squared
  • Facility Width (meters)30
  • Facility Length (meters)30
  • Facility Height (meters)2
  • Maximum Water Depth (meters)1.4
  • Maximum Current Velocity (meters per second)0.4
  • Maximum Wind Velocity (meters per second)0
  • Minimum Wave Period (second)1
  • Maximum Wave Height (meters)0.55
  • Wave Maker Active Wave absorption Second Order Wave Generation Directional Waves Short Crested Waves
  • Types Piston
  • Measurements Water Surface Elevation Measurement Current Velocity Measurement Wind Velocity Measurement Pressure Measurement Force Measurement Overtopping Measurement Breakwater Stability Measurement Optical Tracking Measurement
  • General Third party accreditation

Listing Description

The “Coastal and Ocean wave Basin”, is a large concrete construction filled with water (30 m x 30 m x 1,4 m deep) in which waves, currents and wind can be generated in a controlled manner. Scale models of offshore constructions, constructions for coastal protection, floating wind turbines, wave energy converters,… are placed in this wave basin (or wave tank) and their design and behaviour under the influence of waves, currents and wind is studied. The first experiments are planned to start in 2020.

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