Water laboratory for testing and type approval of flow meters

FORCE Technology, Esbjerg, Østre Gjesingvej 7, 6715 Esbjerg, Danmark

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  • Status Operational
  • Availability Commercial

Listing Description

The water laboratory consists of six test benches applied for testing and type approval of different types of meters, incl. water, heat, process and cooling meters.

Test benches at FORCE Technology

FORCE Technology’s water laboratory is applied for type testing and approval of:

– Water meters
– Heat meters
– Process meters
– Cooling meters

The water laboratory is accredited by DANAK: We have six test benches for type testing and approval of meters.

85⁰ test bench

The 85⁰ test bench is applied mostly for type testing of heat and cooling meters.

Flow range:  5-6.000 l/h
Temperature: 3-90 ⁰C

Test bench for domestic meters

This test bench is applied for subsequent verification of water and heat meters.

Flow range:  5-3.400 l/h
Temperature: 20-50 ⁰C

150 m3/h test bench

The 150 m3/h  test bench is applied for type approval of process, water and heat meters, but can also be applied for other special requirements.

Flow range:  5-150.000 l/h
Temperature: (10) 20-70 ⁰C

Durability test bench for water meters

The Durability test bench is applied for durability test of water meters

Flow range: 600-80.000 l/h
Temperature: 20-50 ⁰C

Durability test bench for heat meters

The Durability test bench is applied for accelerated durability test of heat meters.

350 m3/h test bench

The 350 m3/h test bench is applied for calibration and verification of process and water meters.

Flow range:  1000-325.000 l/h
Temperature: 20 ⁰C

1000 m3/h test bench

The test bench is applied for verification and calibration of water, heating anf process meters.

Flow range:  5000 – 1.000.000 l/h
Temperature: 20 ⁰C

Type testing and approval at the water laboratory

At the water laboratory, we perform type testing of measuring instruments according to international legislation and knowledge of the latest requirements for measuring instruments. We keep our knowledge of type testing and measuring instruments at the highest level through participation in leading global organizations and fora within measuring instruments. For instance, FORCE Technology:

– is the holder of the presidency of CEN/TC176, which prepares the standard EN 1434 for district heating and cooling meters
– is approved to type test water meters according to MID directive, OIML R49
– is represented in WELMEC, ISO, OIML and CEN.

If you wish to learn more about our water laboratory or type testing and approval of flow meters, please contact head of department, Michael Møller Nielsen.

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