Uniaxial Test Machine 6

Park Allé 345, 2605 Brøndbyvester, Danmark

Key Details

  • Status Operational
  • Availability Commercial
  • Test types Tensile Compression Bend Fatigue CTOD K1C, J1C
  • Max Object Width (mm)750
  • Max Object Length (mm)1500
  • Max displacement (mm)200
  • Max Fatigue frequency (Hz)20
  • Max Force (kN)500
  • Measurements Force Stress Displacement Strain No. of fatigue Cycles Test temperature
  • General Third party accreditation

Listing Description

Accredited after EN ISO 17025 for the tensile test.

CTOD temp: -40 to 20°C
K1C and J1C temp: -50 to 20°C