Key Details

  • Status Operational
  • Availability Commercial Research

Listing Description

At Hans Christian Andersen Airport located in Odense Denmark – you will find the International Test Center & Cluster for drones – UAS Denmark


As one of the only test centers in Europe UAS Denmark’s testcenter combines the unique elements of a BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) airspace ready to use over sea without interference from other aviation. We work closely with the authorities, universities and industry both nationally and internationally.

  • Approved drone airspace from the Danish government and Danish Transport Authority
  • 867 square kilometers of drone airspace
  • 3 different areas which can be used in a flexible way allowing other air traffic to take off or land
  • Fly up to 3000 feet. You can fly at a higher altitude with a special approval
  • BVLOS flight areas comprising urban and rural areas and areas over the sea.
  • The area can furthermore be used for VLOS-flights and testing of drones, sensors or other systems.
  • Test center located at full functional airport with AFIS, fence and security.
  • Drone NOTAM blocking airspace for other traffic


UAS Denmark Test Center also provides access to advanced labs and equipment to develop and test UAS technologies


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