Key Details

  • Status Operational
  • Availability Commercial
  • Max Object Length (metres)4
  • Max Object Width (metres)1
  • Max Object Height (metres)1
  • Max Weight (ton)1800
  • Max push/pull (MN)18
  • Measurements Force meas. Displacement meas. Strain meas. Temperature meas. Pressure meas.
  • General Third party accreditation

Test Facility Description

The OCAS tubular testing system is designedto simulate downhole conditions for oil and gas components where leak tightnessand structural integrity if of utmost importance. In additions, test componentscan be tested beyond there limits until failure. In a broader context, the testsystem can be used for a broad range of test samples that should be subjectedto high loads, pressures and/or temperatures.



Max force is 18000 kN (1800 ton).  Max gas pressure is 2600 bar and max liquid pressure is 3000 bar.   Test possibilities include: 

  • Connection qualification testing according to ISO 13679 and API RP 5C5.  

  • Combined load testing with axial loading, bending, internal/external pressure at ambient and elevated temperatures exceeding 350°C. 

  • Leakage tests.  

  • Structural integrity testing. 

  • Limit load testing.