Key Details

  • Status Operational
  • Availability Commercial
  • Test Types Horizontal pull
  • Max Object Length (metres)10.5
  • Max Object Width (metres)0.95
  • Max Object Height (metres)1
  • Pull Load (ton)150
  • Measurement Elongation control/ meas.
  • Outputs Load diagrams

Test Facility Description

At our branch in Esbjerg, we can perform pull and breaking tests up ton 150 Ton. The bench has room products measuring up to 10,5 meters and with a width of 95 centimeters.

Here are a few examples products that have tested in the bench:

  • Different types of threads
  • Lifting beams and spreader beams
  • Hooks from trolleys – Copenhagen Airport
  • Flanges for lifting motors
  • Lifting items from oil production
  • Lifting components to crane manufacturing
  • Test of different lifting components
  • Load test of different types of slings and lashings

We can always document the test with video and load diagrams and much more. 


View more pictures and read more about our facilities here: 




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