Key Details

  • Status Operational
  • Availability Commercial Research
  • Facility Layout Rectangular
  • Facility Width (meters)17.90
  • Facility Length (meters)23.20
  • Facility Height (meters)1.20
  • Maximum Wave Height (meters)0.25
  • Wave Maker Active Wave absorption Directional Waves Short Crested Waves
  • Measurements Water Surface Elevation Measurement Pressure Measurement Overtopping Measurement Breakwater Stability Measurement

Listing Description

A state-of-the-art shallowwater wave basin equipped with a multi-element wave paddle, constructed in 2016in accordance with existing international standards.

Both long-crested obliquewaves and short-crested waves (from various directions at the same time) can begenerated. Simultaneously, active wave absorption is applied to minimise wavereflection at the wave paddle.

3D scale models can bebuilt in this wave basin to conduct research.

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