Key Details

  • Status Operational
  • Availability Commercial
  • Facility Layout Fixed platform in test area
  • Max Object Length (meters)400
  • Max Object Width (meters)400
  • Average wind speed (m/s)6.1
  • Average tidal height (meters)5
  • Average wave height (meters)0.8
  • Average water depth (meters)9
  • Average water current (m/s)1
  • Targeted TRL 6
  • Distance to shore-line (kilometers)0.5

Listing Description

Blue Accelerator

Blue Accelerator is an offshore test and demonstration platform for developers and projects in early-mid-range development stages (TRLs 4-7). Applications that can be tested range from wave convertors, floating solar PV, multi-use platforms, e.g. with aquaculture, balance of system components, cable and connector, robotics.

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