Key Details

  • Status Operational
  • Availability Commercial
  • Max Weight (g)500
  • Max length (mm)390
  • Samples per test3
  • Max test speed - Tip of sample (m/s)173
  • Min test speed - Tip of sample (m/s)63
  • Max rain intensity (mm/h)56
  • Min rain intensity (mm/h)29
  • Max water temperature (°C)30
  • Min water temperature (°C)4
  • Measurements Weight loss/gain meas. Determination of errosion meas. Test speed meas. Air temperature meas. Water temperature meas.
  • General Third party accreditation High resolution pictures of samples Customized test programs

Test Facility Description

Rain erosion tests of coated and non-coated samples.

PolyTech Test & Validation offers rain erosion tests on a 3-bladed system that rotates 39 cm test specimens shaped like the leading edges of WTG blades. The system generates adjustable rainfalls from 620 nozzles and ensures that very realistic weather conditions can be simulated for accelerated tests.

Our reliable setup ensures documented repeatability and meets DNV·GL’s recommended practice (RP-0171) for the testing of rotor blade erosion protection.

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Average droplet size (mm): 2-2.5 or 3-3.5