Key Details

  • Status Operational
  • Availability Commercial
  • Facility Layout Fixed platform in test area
  • Max Object Length (meters)No limit
  • Max Object Width (meters)No limit
  • Max Object Heigth (meters)No limit
  • Max Object Weight (ton)No limit
  • Average wind speed (m/s)9,1
  • Average tidal height (meters)0,5
  • Average wave height (meters)1,4
  • Average water depth (meters)12-30
  • Average water current (m/s)0,32
  • MeasurementsSeveral wavebouys
  • General Fixed Platform in test area Govermental pre-approval Hindcasted wave environm. Forecasted wave enrironm. Detailed bathymetry Geotechnical site characterisation
  • Distance to shore-line (kilometers)2-4

Listing Description

The vision for DanWEC is to create a complete development and knowledge environment, which in as many areas as possible supports the efforts to develop wave energy as a competitive renewable energy form.

DanWEC is more than a physical framework for testing and developing wave energy converters. The center will be able to assist wave power developers through all essential parts of the process, e.g. when it comes to contact with authorities and other partners, practical matters regarding permits, installations and much more.


Here, DanWEC benefits from being centrally located in relation to the authorities. It guarantees effective regulatory action. The close contact with the research community at Aalborg University and with the entire wave power sector also has advantages that will benefit wave power developers.


DanWEC can offer:


Legal matters:

DanWEC will be able to help your organization with the preparation of a contract, guidance on how to obtain permits, safety approvals and mooring equipment certificate.



DanWEC can provide you with data on wind, current, water level, depth measurement and geology and a continuous supply of online wave data will also be available.



DanWEC can service you when it comes to finding suitable housing and office space. In addition, we have extensive knowledge and a collaboration with local subcontractors who can take into account all your needs.



DanWEC can be helpful when the device needs to be installed on our site. Afterwards, we can help with monitoring the device and perform inspections and maintenance tasks.


DanWEC can help collect the device’s specific test data, and we can provide expert assistance, which can be useful when evaluating test results.



HST – Hanstholm testsite

NBTS – Nissum Bredning testsite