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The department participates in DTU Imaging, a joint effort between a number of DTU departments with the aim of establishing a 3D Imaging Center using X-rays and neutrons for 3D characterization of the microstructure of materials. You can read more about this effort here (in Danish) or below.

The 3D imaging center, 3DIM, at DTU is an x-ray user facility and a competence center for x-ray and neutron imaging.

The facility has five x-ray scanners that can provide 3D visualization of hard and soft materials and biotechnological products. CT scanning with absorption or phase contrast is provided with a spatial resolution varying from 100 nm on 100 m thick samples to 100 m on 20 cm thick samples. State-of-the-art laser vision equipment is available for high resolution surface scanning.

3DIM is currently placed in interim locations in building 309, but will move into a new 950 m2 center in building 310 ultimo 2019 – the largest of its kind in Northern Europe. It is the ambition of 3DIM to formally become a national infrastructure.

The facility is used for research and education within a very broad range of natural, technical and health disciplines. Also it supports the digitization of natural and cultural heritage in Denmark. For science, use of the facility is on a collaborative basis.  3DIM is also associated with an imaging industry portal, which has collaborated with 35 companies since the first scanner was acquired in 2013. The portal is one of three branches of the national societal partnership “Linking Industry with Neutrons and X-rays”.

3DIM is closely associated with several other infrastructures

– The general purpose imaging instrument at beamline DanMAX at the synchrotron MAX IV in Lund, to be commissioned in Summer 2020.
– two imaging instruments ODIN and BEER at the neutron facility ESS, in Lund (2022).
– the dedicated hard x-ray microscope: a flagship beamline at ESRF (open for users in 2020).

Once operational this cluster will become a European science hub within imaging. It will also serve as a competence center with a responsibility to introduce the 3D methods to new fields and user groups – e.g. within bio-imaging.

The large amount of data and their high complexity imply that data analysis often takes 10-100 times longer than the data acquisition. To alleviate this problem DTU, KU, LU, MAX-IV and ESS have established a joint data analysis center, QIM,  for imaging data from MAX IV, ESS and 3DIM.

3DIM is also placed in close proximity to the Center for Electron Nanoscopy, the largest TEM centre in Denmark. This provides excellent opportunities for multiscale studies.

The partners of 3DIM has 30 years of experience in x-ray and neutron instrumentation. This allows us to design and built machines with new modalities and scanners customized to special requirements.  We commercialize some of the designs, in parts via spin-out companies such as Xnovo Technology and Exruptive.

The origin of 3DIM was a grant by the Capitol Region of Denmark in 2013. From this it has grown based in part on funding from Innovation Foundation of Denmark. 3DIM is currently managed by DTU Physics, DTU Compute, DTU Mechanical Engineering and DTU Energy. The governance and rules for access are likely to be revised once the new building is inaugurated.