Key Details

  • Length (meters)50
  • Width (meters)25
  • Heigth (meters)100
  • Max Weight (ton)1200
  • Max bending moment (MNm)60
  • Max push/pull (MN)7.5
  • Channels of stock data acquisiton 128


  • Ultimate test
  • Static test
  • Dynamic test
  • Fatique test
  • Multiaxial test
  • Function test
  • Lifetime test
  • Force meas.
  • Displacement meas.
  • Strain meas.
  • Temperature meas.
  • Humidity meas.
  • Pressure meas.
  • Acceleration meas.
  • Third party accreditation

Test Facility Description

Large area strong floor with reaction walls
Mechanical testing of sub-components or construction materials, often found as cut-out parts, is widely used to determine compliance with standards or other requirements. However, how about the performance when the full-size sub-systems are assembled into complete systems? In the mechanical test bench, testing of large components and structures can be done in a set-up with applied forces similar to real operational conditions. The strong floor is 9 x 20 metres with inter-related reaction walls, 4 metres in height, along two sides of the plane.