Key Details

  • StatusUnder Construction
  • Facility LayoutSquared
  • Facility Width (meters)30
  • Facility Length (meters)30
  • Facility Height (meters)2
  • Maximum Water Depth (meters)1.4
  • Maximum Current Velocity (meters per second)0.4
  • Maximum Wind Velocity (meters per second)0
  • Minimum Wave Period (second)1
  • Maximum Wave Height (meters)0.55
  • Wave MakerActive Wave absorption Second Order Wave Generation Directional Waves Short Crested Waves
  • TypesPiston
  • MeasurementsWater Surface Elevation Measurement Current Velocity Measurement Wind Velocity Measurement Pressure Measurement Force Measurement Overtopping Measurement Breakwater Stability Measurement Optical Tracking Measurement
  • GeneralThird party accreditation

Listing Description

Coastal and Ocean Basin

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