Key Details

  • Max Weight (g)470
  • Max length (mm)225
  • Samples per test3
  • Max test speed - Tip of sample (m/s)160
  • Min test speed - Tip of sample (m/s)140
  • Max rain intensity (mm/h)32.5
  • Min rain intensity (mm/h)32.5
  • Average droplet size (mm)1.5


  • Weight loss/gain meas.
  • Determination of errosion meas.
  • Test speed meas.
  • Air temperature meas.
  • Water temperature meas.
  • Third party accreditation
  • High resolution pictures of samples
  • Customized test programs

Test Facility Description

Rain errosion tests of coated and non-coated samples. We can test according to two different standards, each using a standardized test method. Test duration and inspection interval depends on customer requirements.

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